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Paladin want to understand the journey that clients have been on and their objectives going forward. Only once this diagnostic phase is complete, can we begin to formulate a solution.

Paladin believes that a collaborative culture is an essential ingredient for success. We will always favour negotiated, relationship based, non-adversarial and enduring relationships with strategic clients.

Experienced in all forms of project procurement, we are confident that we can tailor a bespoke delivery methodology to best suit a particular project or client. Under the 'Paladin Process', we strive to ensure that all project stakeholders universally benefit from our innovative delivery model which advocates the early involvement of our multi-disciplinary team.

Clear and concise project reporting protocols mean you are always kept fully appraised on all relevant project matters. We believe that if this is done correctly, there should never be any ‘surprises’.

You will ALWAYS be dealing with 'Paladin' Senior Management and have unfettered access to them 24/7. These senior executives are all empowered decision makers.


Our team has a demonstrated track record of co-operatively managing multiple stakeholders. We have close associations with a range of suitably qualified and experienced specialist consultants, sub-contractors & suppliers from which we can partner to convene the most suitable design & construction team for any project.